Friday, 22 June 2018

Episode 9 - A Quiet Recovery

Episode 9 of Modified Roll, an actual play D&D podcast. 

Join our "heroes" after their confrontation with the shapeshifting assassin, what do they plan to do next? Find out in Episode 9 - A Quiet Recovery

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We now have a sponsor! So check out where you can currently use the code "ModifiedRoll" to get 5% off all purchases. These guys have been amazing and we're so grateful for their sponsorship, so check them out! 

Podcast Recommendation of the day- The Broadswords: 

Another young podcast like ourselves but with so much more effort and post production. These ladies have created a wonderful story with some amazing editing leaving you with something that is just to enjoyable to listen to. 

This all female cast bring so much talent to the table I imagine it would be difficult to not enjoy it. Not only that the ladies also put in so much work away from the table it puts the rest of us to shame. Part of that involved the DM Victoria Rogers helping to organise the recent WotC D&D 5e event, the Tome of Foes. The event ran so well and Victoria deserves high praise for her efforts.

I cannot wait to see where this original and incredibly well told story goes and I'm sure you'll enjoy it to, so go check them out! 
Catch them on Twitter: @TheBroadswords

Massive thank you to the Storm Weather Shanty Choir for the use of their song Drunken Sailor for our theme music.

Thank you as well to Alessandro from for the wonderful artwork.

Wiki for our game and others which take place in the same world.

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