Friday, 3 August 2018

Episode 12 - The Greatest Performance

Episode 12 of Modified Roll, an actual play D&D podcast. 

Join our "heroes" as they put on the greatest street performance Cogswold has ever seen, who will come to watch and how will the audience perceive them? Find out in Episode 12 - The Greatest Performance

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Podcast Recommendation of the day- : The Beholders Eye

Another D&D 5e actual play podcast but with heavy influences from Lovecraftian horror which sets it apart from the average podcast.

Set in a homebrewed city the party take on the roles of private investigators working for "The Beholders Eye" where they must carry out investigations which all seem to be tied to the strange cult goings on in and around the city. A great cast with interesting characters the pace is constantly changing as some episodes feature only a handful of the party at a time as they each break off to carry out their own investigations which allows for different aspects of their characters to shine as well as just being an interesting way to play.

They also have a super catchy opening theme and that's always a plus in my books!

Go check them out as I know you'll enjoy them!
Catch them on Twitter: @beholder_s

Massive thank you to the Storm Weather Shanty Choir for the use of their song Drunken Sailor for our theme music.

Thank you as well to Alessandro from for the wonderful artwork.

Sound effects taken from BBC sound effects library and

Music, as it appears:
Aislinn - Morrisons Jig
Aislinn - Toss the Feathers
Sliante - Silver Spear
Sliante - The Crosses of Annagh
Sliante - Silver Spear

Wiki for our game and others which take place in the same world.

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