Friday, 28 September 2018

Episode 16 - A Flock of Trouble

Episode 16 of Modified Roll, an actual play D&D podcast. 

Join our "heroes" as they finally finish their preparations and head out of the city on a new quest, but it's not long before they run into something interesting, what do they find on the road? Find out in Episode 15 - A Bounty List

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Podcast Recommendation of the day- : Chasm Quest

A fantastic blend of humour with high tension roleplay, these guys have created a fantastic podcast set in a world that has been build with the utmost care. Their DM has managed to find just the right balance of humour and tension so that I find myself laughing with every episode but also dying for the next one to find out how the player/ NPC relationships resolve.

They also put out bonus content episodes with little slices of lighthearted fun where we can see the players let loose a little and just be a bit silly, they still impact the main story but are always a good laugh. Definitely recommend, so go check them out.

Check out their website:
Or catch them on Twitter: @ChasmQuest 

Massive thank you to the Storm Weather Shanty Choir for the use of their song Drunken Sailor for our theme music.

Thank you as well to @LixxieB for our wonderful logo, check out her work at 

Sound effects taken from BBC sound effects library and

Wiki for our game and others which take place in the same world.

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