Friday, 11 January 2019

Episode 21 - A Dangerous Crossing

Episode 21 of Modified Roll, an actual play D&D podcast. 

Join our "heroes" in the aftermath of their attack on the cyclops encampment as they prepare to flee as they hear two more giant creatures approaching in Episode 21 - A Dangerous Crossing

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Podcast Recommendation of the day- : Questies

A light hearted and fun D&D game with a group of players who are just enjoying themselves. There is some serious story going on the background but honestly they are just having too much fun playing as their characters.

It's an easy listen with some good laughs and fun characters which the players are still trying to get to know themselves, definitely worth a listen!

Check out their website:

Massive thank you to the Storm Weather Shanty Choir for the use of their song Drunken Sailor for our theme music.

Thank you as well to @LixxieB for our wonderful logo, check out her work at 

Sound effects taken from BBC sound effects library and

Chase Music - ~~~ by Kevin McLeod, 
Battle Music - Crossing the Chasm by Kevin McLeod, 

Wiki for our game and others which take place in the same world.

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