Friday, 4 October 2019

Episode 40 - A Not-So-Secret Admirer

Episode 40 of Modified Roll, an actual play D&D podcast. 

Join our "heroes" as they prepare for their next big performance, attempt to flesh out more of their plan to take on the insidious dopplegangers and discover that they're being tailed... Who is this mysterious spy? Find out now, in Episode 40 - A Not-So-Secret Admirer

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Podcast Recommendation of the day- :  Natural Fun

A homebrew actual play D&D podcast set in a world with an interesting premise. The gods walked, or in some cases still walk, the land. They have laid claim to their own provinces in which their people live and prosper. This makes for an an incredibly interesting setting as the towns and cities are all influenced by the god of that province.

On top of that the players are fun and interesting and I have been thoroughly enjoying the listen. The first episode also takes place part way into their campaign so things are already going very quickly. This leaves you a little out of the loop as the listener, but then we had that same issue ourselves!

Massive thank you to the Storm Weather Shanty Choir for the use of their song Drunken Sailor for our theme music.

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The Morning Thrush (reel) by Oisin MacDiarmada
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