Modified Roll is an actual play D&D 5e podcast set in a homebrew world and campaign. We are made up of some Brits and an American who met through Roosterteeth when some of us applied to be Guardians at the first RTX London in 2017.

Set in the world of Athemick, a home brew world created by our DM Liam, we play in an entirely open world, sandbox game with very few restrictions put on the players in terms of creating their own story. We can honestly saw that we aren't telling a story with a start, middle and end which have all be pre-designed. The story will evolve and unfold as we play together and we hope it's even half as enjoyable to listen to as it is to play.

Due to our audio editors' small attention span and general lack of skill we are putting episodes out WAY after they have been recorded, this doesn't affect the podcast overly much but has led to a few complications which we address as and when they occur.

We hope you enjoy it!


Twitter: @ModifiedRoll
Reddit: reddit.com/r/modifiedroll
E-mail: ModifiedRoll@gmail.com