Race/ Class: Tiefling Bard 

Alrayus, born to a tiefling father and human mother, spent most of his life as a member of a travelling caravan, a home to misfits and the unwanted, tieflings, half-elves, drow and the like. He grew up knowing the sting of suspicious eyes no matter where they went.Unfortunately he lost his mother while very young and grew up under the care of his father who made his living performing as a bard in the cities and towns the caravan visited. As he grew into adulthood he decided to strike out on his own with the skills his father had taught him and his most prized possession, the fiddle his father had played. He would show the world there was more to tieflings than they realised, that they too could create beauty and spread happiness where they went. 

Brah-Yan Dvojni-telc (or Brains for short)

Race/ Class: Goliath Barbarian

Born into and raised by his clan, Brah-Yan was a happy child who grew strong like his father - who in turn, was proud of his son. Growing up Brah-Yan learned the ways of the clan, a couple of other languages - enough to get by in at least, how to fight and how to skirl the bagpipes.  The last bit was not something he felt he was any good at, but kept trying - hoping the sounds would start making more sense as time went on.

In Brah-Yan's late teens he decided that the Barbarian life, though fun, was not giving him enough opportunities to learn new skills - so he chose to leave his clan for a while and explore some of the world.  This was not unnatural for the clans around this area - members often went away for a few years just to return, not only with a better understanding of what it means to be a barbarian, but usually with some gold that helped the clan as well.

Brian traveled to a nearby city, the city of Cogswold, there he discovered that his race were discriminated against for their perceived lack of intelligence, instead of allowing this to upset him he decided to use it to his advantage, would lean into these perceptions and to act less intelligent around those he did not know.

Sometimes his anger got the better of him however when the teasing and insults become too much for even his stoicism to bear. This part didn't last long as word got around that you didn't want to make him angry, because you wouldn't like it if he got angry.  He also gained the alternative name of "Brian" - which was what most humans thought he said when he introduced himself, and the nickname of "Brains" - for his affectation of stupidity.  Those people who know him well, also know he doesn't really deserve that moniker with it's sarcastic usage - but Brah-Yan doesn't really care about it either way.

At some point he decided that joining a local guild might be an idea to help further his quest for knowledge - so he used his contacts to get an 'interview' with the local Thieves guild.  They were quite impressed with his skill at knocking out someone by hitting them over the head with a large piece of wood - and not actually killing them.  Due to his size and strength this could sometimes be a difficult task to achieve.

After a couple more years in the guild, Brah-Yan has an opportunity to take leave of the guild (for a while), do a bit of travelling and go on some adventures with a strange, mixed bunch of individuals who the guild had decided to help.

Malthor - Created by Justine Norris


Race Class: Tiefling Ranger

Malthor Skaris, a Tiefling ranger who has quite a battered past, he'd been subject to continuous hate, particularly from humans in the town “Creed”, due to the fact he is a Tiefling and their inherent association with Devils.One fateful night he would return home to find both his parents slaughtered, as panic struck him he fled far from the city until exhaustion forced him to halt. He found refuge in a makeshift hut at the mouth of the forest several days from the city proper where he proceeded to hone his skills as a ranger by hunting for his food and survival. One night a group of humans found where Malthor had been staying, they broke in and tortured him while destroying what few possessions he had, he managed to escape with his bow (something dear to his heart) and flee into the darkness of the forest he had come to know so well. From that moment on he'd sought to change the world's view on Tieflings by being opposed to the use of harmful spells while also seeking to track down and kill any fiends he may find. 


Race/ Class: Tabaxi Ranger

Like most of her tribe she developed the skills necessary for survival, tracking, hunting and fighting for survival. Unfortunately while the desert is exciting in it's own way it does not offer much of interest, so as she hears more of the world beyond her small horizons through merchants and travels she came to find a deep wanderlust within herself.

Eventually, as she reached adulthood she set out from her clan to explore the great wide world she had heard so much about.
Curious and mischievous, eager to try new things and see new places, and not so keen to follow a plan or do as she’s told.

Origianlly born to a Tabaxi tribe who made their home in the deserts to the southern end of the continent she developed an insatiable curiosity as they grew. This led to her desire to become an adventurer and explore the world.

Udokas - Created by TartanKiwi


Race/ Class: Dwarf Warlock

Udokas was born to a medium sized Dwarf clan in the mountain range North of the Kingdom of Voyage. It was discovered that Udokas had a small amount of magical ability and so Udokas was taken in from a young age by the Stormclefts, a clan of dwarves who specialise in the use of magical abilities. Brought into the Stormcelft clan Udokas began to learn about his potential power and how to wield said power, although as it was soon found out magic wasn’t his forte. Desperate to find a way to harness his power he turned to ancient writings, but the Stormcleft owned texts weren’t enough. On one of the regular trips to one of the major dwarf settlements Udokas and his ‘brother’ Petdak snuck into one of the dwarvern libraries in search of ancient texts. He stumbled upon one that spoke of an ancient being made of flames. The book burst open and swallowed Petdak into its pages, before a flood of magical energy entered Udokas’ right eye. He was found and taken to a place of rest, no rest was found for him as this was the first time he heard the voice of Cthugha. Udokas fled the dwarf city knowing that there would be persecution for what he had done and the knowledge of what happened to Petdak. An unconscious Udokas was picked up from the side of a road by a traveling caravan of Tieflings, they brought him to a small settlement to heal and regain his strength. He was grateful for being looked after and said that he would repay the kindness in any way he could. Once the residents of the settlement had gotten used to him, he started doing odd jobs around the settlement. They even taught him how to read and write in infernal the language of demons. Udokas still travels, but returns to the settlement as often as he can, thinking it as more of a home than any dwarvern city. Udokas now searches to for an artefact to bring Cthugha forth into the mortal plane, with the hopes of him bringing Petdak back and then the three of them can have a drink together.