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Really digging this show   

Great show with wonderful characters and an engaging DM. Love how everything is unfolding and can’t wait to hear more!

A Full World to Be Explored!   
Immediately, I am impressed with the massive world-building Liam (DM) has undergone. This land is rich with unique geography, culture and religion; undoubtedly taking years of love and craft.
In addition, the players are wonderfully engaging. I highly recommend this podcast for those interested in listening to a very classic representation of how Dungeons and Dragons has been played. 

A refreshing and fun adventure   
What grabbed me first about this podcast was the relationship that the cast had, it was very comfortable and there wasn't your classic awkward pauses, instead it was a group of friends playing a great game of D&D in a homebrewed world that DM Liam leads them through. With each new session this unique world slowly unfolded before you, revealing a lot of hard work and carefully crafted cities that any fan of fantasy and world building could really appreciate.
The party itself gives a good feeling from the usual bloodthirsty adventurers we usually get in stories. Instead of a quest for blood and gold we have two tieflings who wish to change the perception of their race after facing such a harsh and realistic hand dealt from society. You have a tabaxi who wished to leave her village, not because of hate or conflict, but from a natural love of wanderlust and adventuer. Lastly, we have the goliath who joined in who doesn't hunt for the kill but instead his first course of action was to share an appreciation in music. I feel this really adds to the flavor of the group, and gives it more of a heroic feeling that these people are destined to play a pivotal role in a larger story. You made a fan of me, I'm looking for more story to come!

Because I need another #dnd #podcast to listen to   
Because I need another #dnd #podcast to listen to... but here we go! This is a really beautifully crafted homebrew campaign with interesting, complex characters, the players voices are soothing and their character voices are great and the intro music is CATCHY. A. F.
They're giving away a set of dice if you like/retweet/follow, which you should do ANYWAY because these folx are great & deserving. Share/comment/subscribe - it keeps them creating good good content. Need more incentive? Win a really pretty set of dice. GO DO IT. #Podernfamily

A great place to experience homebrew   
It’s a grand old time once you get your head around some of the world setting. Not to say that it’s bad or got issues, but it’s a completely home brewed setting and episode 0 with the intro is really useful to listen to once or twice.
The characters are fun, the story so far is engaging and interesting, and the attention to their fellow podcasts with a suggestion and shout out each episode is brilliant.

An awesome show!   ★★★★  
A little derring, a little do, a lot of dungeony and dragony excitement. The players and the Dungeon Master all seem full of creativity, and fun. I am super-enjoying the whole series so far and I look forward to more episodes.

Fun with a lot of potential   ★★★★  
Love the world! Solid dialogue and story building. I’m excited to see where it goes next. The DM and players seem to really love playing, which adds to the story. Keep it up!

Great show centered on a great friendship   ★★★★  
DM Liam has made an intriguing and realistic-feeling world that his players clearly love playing in. Very excited to see where the adventure goes!

Quick, witty, with accented banter   ★★★★  
These guys are funny and witty. Their accents are awesome since I don't get a lot of that here in the US. Moving on from that, the game playing is immersive and descriptive. Listening to the players banter back and forth to overcome obstacles is where this podcast has its own unique flavor that makes it stand out above the rest. Give them a listen!

Entertaining group     
Entertaining group of players, especially when the DMs dad joins. A little tricky to get into because of the homebrew setting, but very much worth it!

perfect hombrew fix ★★★★
I love homebrew adventures, the characters , world and lore all feel that extra bit special. A perfect aadvenure to accompany you while you, ADVENTURE!

Great crew! ★★★★
Great game of D&D being played here. Excellent chemistry, great characters, engaging story! 

The Traveling Troupe of Misfortune ★★★★
“These poor guys, I love listening to them but man do they get beaten up by monsters. These people are a great listen, the sounds and music are really good and make the story feel like an audio drama. I started listening after hearing Jordan and Gen playe detectives on Ballad of the seven dice. I really like the world they have built up and it's nice and relaxing hearing them travel around to cool new towns and learn about the weird stuff in this world. Never thought i would be into one like this where the big story is so chill lol but it's really good, trust me. You should listen to these people and keep listening, they just keep getting better with time! Does that mean Modified Roll is like wine? I'll drink to that”

Kills and Thrills ★★★★★
Love the concerts and monster hunting, strted listening to the latest to give it a go and heard you using Oisin MacDiarmada and subscibed right away and now i'm almost caught up. Keep up the great work, i'm loving the story.