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Meet the Cast

Modified Roll now has two separate stories with the first being run by Liam Laprobert and taking place in his homebrew world of Athemick, this story is covered in Season 1.

Season 2, the DM'ing was picked up by Jordan Carmichael and takes place in the homebrew world of Erin.

Come meet the cast of the Current Season!

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Hi there I’m Pete. Occasional cosplayer, drinker of cider and writer of things that tend to be too long. I’ve been playing RPGs for a big part of my life, be it via video games like Dragon Age or over the table with Dungeons & Dragons. Come join us on our odd adventures through the inner machinations of Jordan’s mind… remember to wipe your feet.

Hi! I'm Deadly, a cosplayer, podcaster and chaotic character enthusiast. I has been plying TTRPG games for 5 years, and started with Dungeons and Dragons whilst at university. Since then I have played a few one shots of different titles and even play a yearly Call of Cthulhu game on Halloween!


I like to let the character guide all my decisions, so buckle up and get ready for some questionable decisions!









I’m Jordan, The other one. Resident Norse Pagan and Tiefling fanatic. I was practically born with a controller in my hands playing Sonic as I grew up, and enjoyed all things gaming my whole life. Particularly love games that have character creation and where I can make decisions for them. It wasn’t until watching Heroes & Halfwits that I became interested in TTRPG. Playing D&D with this group was the first time I dove into it. And now have grown to have gone to my first event and certainly plan to go for more.

I’m Dani, my pronouns are She/Her. I’m a cosplayer, book lover and an all round fanatic of all things fantasy! If you need me I’m usually either on Ao3 or scrolling through tiktok when I should probably be doing something more productive like reading the 100s of books currently on my TBR.


I’m fairly new to D&D so if you’re new too, let’s learn together and if you’re a veteran please be patient while I hide my lack of experience behind characters with big personalities! I’m all for causing chaos and kicking evil ass so let’s go on an adventure together!





Hey, I'm Jordan, He/Him, Design Engineer by day and just a massive nerd by night. I've been reading high fantasy from the day I picked up Sir Terry Pratchetts The Colour of Magic at the age of 12 and haven't looked back since. Casual (PC) gamer, boardgamer and D&D enthusiast. I've been playing/ running D&D games since around 2014 and have even begun publishing pieces on the DM's Guild!

I played Alrayus on Season 1 and have since stepped into the DM shoes for Season 2!

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